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Emergency Dentist in Gloucester

When we notice something not quite right with our teeth or gums we can easily shrug it off and hope it goes away. The prospect of calling your emergency dentist in Gloucester could be daunting. But when should you not put this off? What are the signs that you should be picking up the phone for that call? Swelling and jaw ache are telltale signs that something is wrong. This can be a sudden onset swelling or something that has gradually appeared. Either way will want to treat this as a dental emergency and pick up the phone right away. At Roseville House Dental Practice our team of dentists in Gloucester can help you out in this time of distress.

Other than the mentioned signs like swelling and soreness what else might be defined as a dental emergency?

Excessive Bleeding

If you recently underwent a treatment such as removal of a tooth then you would normally experience some bleeding but if it hasn’t stopped after a reasonable amount of time then you would want to contact your dentist in Gloucester for an emergency appointment.

Pain in your teeth and gums

If you are experiencing mild to severe discomfort that is consistent and unrelenting then this is a clear sign that you need to contact us for an urgent appointment. Perhaps it’s a sharp pain or a burning sensation. Trauma to the face after an injury would require attention immediately too especially if it’s leading to continuous pain.

Overly sensitive teeth

Are you wincing at a cold glass of water or does a hot coffee feel like larva! Your teeth should be able to cope with these strains and require attention if you notice sensitivity but you may require urgent attention from a dentist in Gloucester if you notice this has occurred in one tooth and appears suddenly. Why the urgency? It could be a sign of a damaged or cracked tooth. Other causes might include abscesses starting to develop. Whatever the cause you will want to discuss it with our team.

Damaged Teeth

Have you undergone a heavy impact recently? Did you knock your head playing a contact sport or something else? Maybe you felt a crack when you bit into that popcorn kernel or knocked your glass against your tooth in a clumsy moment. You know something’s not right, you might even see the chip or the crack. Well get it checked out now. It might seem like a small issue or an embarrassing blunder but this damage if left unchecked can allow further issues to develop. Definitely worth a call to your dentist in Gloucester.

Problems with past treatments

Clink, the filling that’s felt a little loose for a while falls into the sink and is lost down the plughole while brushing your teeth. Frustrating and potentially more severe, it may seem inconvenient to get it looked at straight away but you have to treat this as urgent. When ignored bacteria can develop leading to further issues down the line and much more severe discomfort.

While not a conclusive list if you notice any of the above symptoms it is important that you don’t downplay it. Get in contact with an expert who understands the long term effects. We know what’s best so call us in time and let us put your mind at ease.


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