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Preventative dentistry at a dentist in Gloucester

Anyone who has been through an invasive dental treatment knows that it is better to avoid it than to need one and while all our treatments at Roseville House Dental Practice are done with the utmost professionalism for a pain-free experience, we would still rather you did not need these kinds of surgeries and instead enjoy oral health and wellness throughout your life That’s why we offer preventative dentistry at our dentist in Gloucester for continued assurance in your dental health.


We always encourage patients to get their regular checkups twice a year and ensure a good oral hygiene system is implemented at home. Is there more that can be done to maintain perfect oral health? The answer is always yes and this is what you can look forward to at the dentist in Gloucester:

Hygiene appointments - Our specially trained hygienist’s first job is to teach you the best way to treat your teeth at home as we believe education is the most important first step to good oral health. After this, they will give your mouth a thoroughly deep clean by polishing and scaling your teeth as well as using jets of water to clean out pockets of plaque that may have formed beneath your gums. This professional clean can be finished with fluoride treatments and sealants to ensure the health of your teeth between cleans and checkups.

Decay detection - if our hygienist notices any developing problems while they are working on your mouth, they will speak to the dentist in Gloucester to further advise you on treatment. Part of the early detection process will be the use of X-rays, this will allow us to detect any cavities that are starting to form as at this stage they are easier and quicker to treat, possibly before you experience any pain.

Bad breath and gum disease - if you are suffering from constant bad breath that has nothing to do with the pizza you had the night before then it may come from the gases emitted by the plaque build-up on your teeth, or it may be that food has collected in a pocket between the teeth and is giving off a foul, rotting odour. Our dentist in Gloucester will be able to determine the source of your bad breath and treat it so that it is no longer a problem.

We will also be able to check to see if gum disease has started to form and will be able to take care of it with whatever means necessary at the stage it is at, so it doesn’t worsen and can be allowed to heal. Untreated gum disease will lead to bad breath and tooth decay which will eventually cause the teeth to fall out, it is always better to prevent this wherever possible.

Cancer screening - mouth cancer is not something many people think about but it is a risk that needs to be checked for, with around 1700 mouth cancer deaths in the UK each year due to failure to detect early it is in your own best interest to be screened for any of these cancer causing growths.


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