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Taking care of children’s teeth at a dentist in Gloucester

Taking your children to visit the dentist in Gloucester from an early age will give them a head start at being comfortable with dental care, because a good first experience is a lasting one. We at Roseville House Dental Practice are a family-focused dental practice and our aim is to give children a positive start to their dental care, in the hope that their regular attendance in childhood will encourage them to do the same in adulthood, forming good life habits from the beginning.

Prevention is the ultimate cure

There are a number of good reasons to encourage your children to visit a dentist in Gloucester from as young as possible.


Good habits formed at an early age will last into adulthood and visiting the dentist regularly is a good habit we should all be practising, so if your children get used to visiting us twice a year we can assume that they will continue with these check-ups into adulthood, which will help keep their teeth in good shape for as long as possible. Encouraging your children may also help you form a good habit yourself, as you can book your appointments together, thus setting down a benchmark; if you’re doing it, they will too as they grow up.


Sometimes all it takes is someone with authority to convince your children of the very same thing you’ve been trying to teach them since they were able to understand. You can go on and on about tooth brushing, but until the dentist tells them to do it, they may be less inclined to listen to mum and dad. Once children form a relationship with us they will be more open to oral healthcare advice.


Through education we can offer your little ones information on dental care and with regular check-ups, your children are far less likely to form cavities, this means less scary dental work and a happier experience at the dentist, which will encourage a lifelong commitment to oral care.

We will be able to monitor how your child’s jaw and adult teeth are forming as they grow and we can predict any malocclusions that may form, malocclusions are misalignments in the jaw causing overbites, underbites, crossbites, or open bites. We will also be able to see how their adult teeth will grow over time and if needs be, recommend how best to approach an orthodontic treatment.

Eating advice

Sugary foods and acidic fizzy drinks are the leading cause of cavities in children, these substances can also erode the enamel on their teeth and cause tooth sensitivity, which will make it hard to convince them to brush their teeth. This advice on the correct foods may encourage children to eat better, helping improve their oral and overall health.

At the dentist in Gloucester we can provide your child with a protective shield that covers their growing adult teeth, this is called fissure sealing and is a clear sealant that covers the molars to protect them from damage, thus ensuring the health and longevity of your child’s teeth.


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