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Visiting the Dentist in Gloucester during the Covid pandemic

What to expect at the practice?

During these unusual times many have believed that keeping on top of your dental appointments is just not possible with temporary closures occurring around the country. Luckily for our patients this does not affect our practice. Our Dentist in Gloucester has always followed the highest levels of hygiene and sterilisation, therefore when the government guidelines came into place there was only a need for minor adjustments to accommodate our patients in the safest way possible. These adjustments include our face masks, waiting rooms and the hand sanitisation methods put in place for our patients. Our friendly, open manner has not changed and we are there to support patients for emergency and non-emergency appointments as per usual.

Nervous patients.

When a patient finds visits to the Dentist in Gloucester stressful under normal circumstances it is entirely understandable that they would prefer to skip a few visits to the dental practice during the pandemic but rest assured there is no need. All our patients, pandemic or not, are provided with a supportive and friendly experience from the outset. This means that from the booking of the appointment through to the visit we will do our best to put your mind at ease. From talking you through the appointment, whether a regular visit or if in need of a treatment or procedure, no matter what, our knowledgeable staff will ensure that you are fully informed of all the aspects of your appointments.

Keeping the bad breath at bay.

Whilst having an effective and efficient oral hygiene process at home is vital, having the combination of the home treatment with the regular dental appointments is much more effective. Bacteria within the mouth spreads very quickly and unfortunately, whilst brushing your teeth is a vital aspect to keep tooth decay and bad breath at bay, there is a need for more action. This includes flossing, using interdental brushes and having your regular check-ups. Each dental appointment helps prevent the build up of tooth decay which in turn eliminates one of the leading causes of bad breath.

Why keep up the regular visits?

For those of a nervous disposition, when it comes to visiting the dental practice it is very easy to keep putting the visits aside. This can become even easier with the excuse of a pandemic but our dental team will continue to support and encourage you. Each check-up allows the dental team to put in preventative methods to reduce the chances of dental problems further down the line, these visits also help the Dentist in Gloucester spot signs of potential dental issues early and can therefore put effective changes in place to prevent further damage.

If you are nervous about visiting the dental practice, whether due to the pandemic or just in general, please do not delay your phone call to our dental team as they will be able to provide a friendly, open chat about the appointment and hopefully put some fears to rest.

Please note, all dental procedures and treatments carry possible risks. We therefore advise all patients to seek further information and advice on any mentioned in this article with their local dental team.


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