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Why routine check-ups at the dentist are good for you

Throughout our many years in the dental industry, we have heard it all - the reasons patients have for skipping out on their dental appointments. We find it very alarming that patients do not prioritise their oral health check-ups as they should. It shouldn’t be forgotten that healthy teeth are not only required for optimal dental health, but are necessary for overall general health! Which is why it is imperative that patients should attend all scheduled visits to a dentist in Sheffield.

We take a closer look at how regular oral health assessments at our highly competent dentist in Sheffield at Roseville House Dental Practice is the best way to safeguard a patient’s oral, physical and psychosocial wellbeing.

Importance of visiting a dentist in Sheffield

Minor issues are treated quickly and more easily

One of the most encouraging facts about attending regular dental appointments is that these visits give a dental practitioner the opportunity to inspect teeth and implement appropriate measures to stop a problem from escalating. Patients will find that resolving dental issues in their early stages offer highly desirable advantages: quicker and relatively cheaper to sort out. In comparison to minor issues, when dental problems progress to advanced stages, patients will most often have to endure protracted treatment plans, complex procedures and hefty costs.

Benefit from professional cleanings

No matter how diligently a patient performs their at-home oral hygiene responsibilities, the fact remains that the effects of daily brushing and flossing is limited. It is nearly impossible for a patient to remove effectively all food particles left behind in awkward corners of the mouth. Patients will find that they will invariably need to have a professional deep dental cleaning procedure performed to clean teat and scrape away the build-up of enamel-destroying plaque.

Get screened for dental diseases

One of the more critical responsibilities a dental practitioner will carry out is to look out for red flags that point to the presence of oral cancers. Oral cancers are known to be notoriously difficult to treat in developed stages and can potentially be fatal.

Benefit from adequate nutrition

Patients will find that problems with their masticatory function because of having lost a tooth or multiple teeth will experience a challenge of ensuring their bodies receive an adequate intake of essential vitamins and minerals. By looking after one’s teeth, a patient will circumvent the necessity of having to investigate missing teeth restoration appliances to reinstate full mouth capability.

Mental and physical health

Patients are often surprised to hear that emotional well-being and physical health is closely tied to their oral health. Poor oral health directly links to a less-than desired smile which has been found to lower confidence and self-esteem. The impact of mouth infections are not relegated to the mouth area only as bacteria can make their way into the more vulnerable parts of the body such as the heart and lungs.

An essential component in an effective oral health care plan are routine dental check-ups. Partner with our well-experienced dental practitioners at Roseville House Dental Practice. We endeavour to provide exceptional dental care by practising patient-first approach to all that we do.


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