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Wondering if your hygienist dentist trip is worth it? 5 advantages of preventive dentistry

When it comes to almost every type of dental procedure, prevention is definitely better than cure.

If you are like the average dental patient, chances are that you brush, floss and rinse twice a day and attend those biannual check-ups as and when they come round. So, when you hear about preventive dental procedures, you probably think that you have all the bases covered but there is more to preventive dentistry than a brush and floss. It is in itself an umbrella term which encompasses everything from having X-rays performed, cleanings undertaken by your hygienist and even fluoride sealants.

When you visit our team at the Roseville House Dental Practice, our team will be able to offer you and your family an array of preventive dental treatments. Designed to keep your oral health top-notch and your teeth looking pearly, our dentist in Gloucester can provide you with a remarkable level of preventive dental care.

What are some of the benefits of seeing our dentist in Gloucester to have hygienist treatments?

Prevent decay

One of the key things that any preventive dental treatment can do is stop decay.

While you may be an avid brusher, it can be hard to reach every nook and cranny in your mouth, allowing bacteria to accumulate. If left for too long, cavities can form, meaning more serious treatments are needed.

Our dentist in Gloucester will be able to provide you with a thorough and targeted clean, to ensure that no area is left untouched. Perfect!

Prevent periodontal issues

If you have an excess of plaque in your mouth, you are at a higher risk of succumbing to gum disease.

Our hygienist team will be able to remove plaque that is present both above and below your gum line, which will prevent inflammation from forming and will lower your chances of developing gum diseases like gingivitis.

Also, the sooner our hygienist is able to identify the signs of gum disease, the more they will be able to do to save your teeth and restore your gums to a healthy state.

Avoid health problems

You may be surprised to learn that there are many serious health issues which can be traced to poor oral health.

Decay and plaque can cause an inflammatory response throughout the body, and allow bacteria an easier route to get into your bloodstream. Yikes!

So, by visiting our hygienist team at Roseville House for preventive cleaning, you are reducing your chances of developing diabetes and other diseases.

Identify jaw issues

If you grind your teeth, you may have an underlying jaw issue which can cause painful headaches. Our team will be able to identify these jaw issues and provide you with a customised guard to prevent any related issues from worsening.

Save money!

Of course, the sooner a dental issue is treated, the less it will cost you.

A preventive visit with a scale and polish will put less pressure on your purse strings than multiple fillings and extractions!


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